Developing the Next Generation of Global Cybersecurity Experts

NYU and DTCC have committed to a five-year partnership to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity and resilience program.

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3 min readSep 8, 2022


The NYU Tandon School of Engineering, a global leader in engineering research and education, and The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), announced a new partnership to advance the capabilities of the NYU Center for Cybersecurity (CCS). The collaboration will leverage DTCC’s nearly five decades of technology, resiliency and cybersecurity expertise to support the new program.

The school’s five-year vision of the partnership with DTCC includes proposals to expand the Center for Cybersecurity to include a major area of expertise in resiliency to enhance the center’s reputation as a hub of thought leadership, attracting world-class researchers, and producing a new generation of cybersecurity and resiliency experts, with a special focus on designs, solutions, and technologies for making systems more resilient to ever-evolving threats.

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The partnership will be built on three pillars — research, education and workforce development, and dissemination and outreach — and aims to expand the pool of Ph.D. students researching cybersecurity and resiliency at NYU Tandon and will provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in this area. It will also design and develop resiliency curricula at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and generate academic/industry/government collaborations and events to amplify the talent and research produced through the partnership.

The partnership comes at an important time as the quantity, velocity and variety of cybersecurity attacks worldwide reflect the proliferation of connected devices, advances in extended reality systems, AI, telecommunications, and global supply chains powered by the Internet. At the same time, firms around the world are focused on enhancing their resiliency capabilities to effectively respond to and recover from disruptive events, including cybersecurity incidents as well as events related to supply chain, third-party providers, applications, and platforms. Today, there is a shortfall of cybersecurity and resiliency experts with real-world training and immersion in cutting-edge research and technology to face these challenges.

“This partnership with a recognized leading organization that is responsible for safeguarding the global markets and protecting the integrity of the financial system will give our students and researchers access to invaluable expertise in cybersecurity and resiliency,” said Jelena Kovačević, Dean of NYU Tandon. “It will also train them on the tools and technologies that will allow them to stay a step ahead of threats as they become more sophisticated. With its immense pool of expertise, DTCC will accelerate development of talent in both research and academics.”

Said Lynn Bishop, Managing Director and Chief Information Officer (CIO) at DTCC, “NYU Tandon and the Center for Cybersecurity have an impressive track record of educating cybersecurity leaders and developing ground-breaking research. This partnership will build upon the respective strengths of NYU Tandon by enabling DTCC to share its expertise in IT with tomorrow’s cybersecurity and resiliency professionals and provide them with real-world knowledge and scenarios based on deep expertise and our pioneering work using new technologies.”

DTCC will continue its long-term support of CS4CS through the NYU Tandon Center for K12 STEM Education as well as the annual Cybersecurity Awareness Worldwide effort. This latest initiative will help establish a Vertically Integrated Project team as well as other on-going programming.



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